featured us as one of their "Top 5 Unique USA Bucket List Items"! featured our green chile goodness, and seasonal farm stand as one of the "Top 5 Unique USA Bucket List Items"!

#2 on the list: Savoring Green Chile Culture in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Albuquerque‘s claim to fame may be its balloon festival and the charm of its historic Old Town, but one thing is for certain: you can’t leave without tasting its famous green chili. Don’t worry about forgetting because you’ll be constantly reminded — welcome signs on the interstates feature huge chiles, strings of dried chiles hang from adobe homes, and even McDonalds offers green chile on its burgers. “Red or green?” is a standard question in restaurants and “Christmas” is an appropriate response if you’d like to try both.

In Albuquerque, you can head to Wagner’s seasonal farm stand. People come from miles to roast chiles onsite, armed with garbage bags and coolers to bring home their treasure. Locals will feistily defend their favorite spots for salsa, sopapillas (fried bread that can be stuffed with or soak up flavors), tamales or margaritas. Fortunately it’s pretty hard to go wrong and visiting a few — like El Pinto and Sadie’s of New Mexico, both of which make their own delicious salsa — is part of that fun. Late summer or fall is the best time for the full chile experience, so you can see fields of peppers ripen and be harvested by farmers. Hatch, the self-declared “Chile Capital of the World,” hosts a festival early in September each year.

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